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Kaushik Road Lines provides warehouse management services for various industries. In addition, our services include inventory management, dockside, packaging and order processing. We deliver both packaged products and non-standard goods. Food safety and quality are fully guaranteed.

warehouse management

Warehouse Management: Principles

For good management of warehouses, the building – the place of storage of goods but the place of passage – should be allowed to carry out physical and administrative tasks.To do this, it is necessary to use effective methods and have a suitable structure.

Warehouse: a logistics platform

The warehouse should be designed for:

Optimization of flow management;
Create vehicle loading and unloading zones;
Organize the storage method keeping in mind the specific nature of the products to be stored;
Ensure the circulation of self-propelled trains and other modes of transport in the areas provided for this purpose.

Warehouse management axes
Warehouse management requires effective means to facilitate the activity of any structure, namely:

Loading and unloading of pallets with different types of trolleys, such as trans-pallets, self-propelled trolleys, etc.
Storage on ground.
equipment maintenance.
Correction of incidents due to various malfunctions.
To best manage the goods stored in a warehouse, it is necessary to use effective methods. They ensure the best supply and consumption of each item by taking into account:

upon entry, quantitative and qualitative checks using updating procedures;
in warehouse, the storage of goods in specific areas and locations;
at the output, subtract and collect orders then count the available stock.


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