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Household Relocation Service.


When you are planning to move to Delhi and you are moving from Delhi NCR to another city, you may need packers and movers in Delhi to transfer your household items.
This is very easy, just search the internet and a list of companies will be available to you. But the next step, choosing a reliable packers and movers in Delhi is not an easy task as it seems at first sight.

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It is very important to inquire about the professionalism, discipline and past performance of the company. But here at Kaushik Road Lines we have listed some good packers and movers who have good experience in packing and moving household goods in all major cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, Jaipur etc.

Professional Packers And Movers Company in Delhi

Proper planning is very important before hiring packers and movers in Delhi. Before planning to appoint any professional packers and movers company in Delhi, you should consider the list of household articles. Try packing some common items such as general kitchen items; Clothes etc. to pack yourself, this will reduce the time of transfer date.

Packers and movers in Delhi provide a completely customized service, such as you should first decide what type of service you need. The service offered by packers and movers companies is like packing, loading, unloading and re-arrangement. You can decide which service you may need; Accordingly, charges will be fram. The Packers Movers Company also provides insurance cover. So decide which items you should insure or you should go for full cover.

When it comes to packing and unpacking, utilizing the services of professionals will reduce uptake and, above all, make all handling more secure.

Welcome to Kaushik Road Lines!

Who are we ?

Trusted Packers Movers and Full Load, Transporters Professionals across India, Kaushik Road Lines is a reputed company based in Delhi NCR. We are committed to offering serious, quality removals that are always affordable. Our company also provides many services, both very qualitatively and always at reasonable prices.

Customer satisfaction first

Being a reasonably priced proposer does not mean you offer a discounted service. The company Kaushik Road Lines is made up of genuine serious, fast and capable professionals, for whom safety, punctuality and etiquette are fundamental values. Our wish is your satisfaction at every step of your life.

Best Packers And Movers in Delhi

Depending on your wish and your budget, Kaushik Road Lines gives you a step up with complete or partial packaging and unpacking of your home, office and apartment, and suggests a best packers and movers service.
Our expert staff will deal with the packing of your craft items, roof fixtures, books, glass, plates, furniture, clothes, bottles, artifacts; Your luggage is clearly wrapped using bundling material. For items such as crystals, porcelain, careful packaging will be done safely. Also, for lamps and lampshades we will use bubble wrap and tape to ensure that everything is well protected. Mirrors and pictures are packed and then placed in telescopic boxes provided for this purpose.

We will use the wardrobe box to move our clothes. In this way, your clothes will remain on the hanger without bending or shrinking.

If you can hand over the packaging to the proposer, it is a specialist packers and movers company.
Regarding the packing process and material, packers and movers in Delhi are able to pack almost everything which belongs to the household articles category such as TV, fridge, washing machine, bed, cooler, kitchen items etc. The next stage after packing will be loading, for this the packing and moving company has employees who are trained to load the goods and it is properly arranged so that it can reach its destination with safety To reach.

Reasonable and Trustable Packers and Movers in Delhi

If you want to get a very reasonable and suitable packers and movers in Delhi, it is good to compare at least three or four different packers and movers quotes. There are many moving companies in your city, some new and some old. But you should try to hire only the person who is with at least four or five years of experience in this industry.

As everyone wants hassle free transfer of household goods. So hire any reputed packers and movers in Delhi who can make it possible with their experience and expertise in this industry. Typically these packing and moving companies provide full service of transfer, such as packing from the place of origin and unpacking at their destination.
With years of experience, we have become one of the trusted packers and movers engaged in introducing this service in the residential and commercial sector. All vehicles are served on time and operated by experienced drivers who ensure safe and timely delivery of goods. Since we understand all the problems faced by our customers during the transfer, we ensure that our team of professionals guide them at every step and provide hassle-free services.

Why choose us for your domestic transfer

Why choose Kaushik Road Lines for your domestic rehabilitation? Using Kaushik Road Lines – Moving means transferring to your trusted experts. We are proud to be able to offer you many guarantees and services:

  • Quick and unbiased quotes, with no surprises or additional costs, whether on our website or online over the phone.
  • A volume calculator, which allows you to know your volume for easy transfer and allows us to establish an accurate quote from the Packers and Movers service.
  • A team of professional packers and movers with full experts who know and respect your needs and assure you.
  • Optimized vehicle, robust and fully equipped, for a quiet and efficient move on timely door-to-door delivery with the best prices.
  • Personal follow-ups and advice always keep you informed of the progress of your transfer, and help you organize it as much as possible.
  • Thanks to optimum protection for your cargo, fully maintained and customized equipment, and our extensive experience, which ensures respect for your property.

In addition, we are packing and moving systematically to economically validate each of our goods and materials. Whatever the place across India, we verify the accuracy of the quote on the site, so that you don’t really get any unpleasant surprises.

From single pad shop to family estate, from small corner shop to multi-location business, from bus-down-to-road to the southern continent, Kaushik Road Lines has information on moving all sizes of homes. And businesses of any distance.

Household goods are specifically prohibited or packaged for transportation. Your transporter is fully aware of transportation bottlenecks.

An international move cannot be improvised. The quality of the packaging material should not be taken lightly. It is the packaging that will determine the quality of your move.

It is at the time of packaging that a packing list will be established by the proposer, detailing the contents of each box. They are systematically numbered and labeled

Packers and Movers Charge for Domestic Moving

Examples of packers and movers of Kaushik Road Lines. Compare our packing and moving charge, quality is a cost, and our quality is tight for it never cropped up!
The values below are given as an example, they are packers and movers charge of household moving and depend on the configuration of your move.

Moving Location1 BHK Charge2 BHK Charge3 BHK Charge4 BHK Charge
Delhi To Hydrabad8,000 – 18,00010,000 – 24,00014,000 - 27,00018,000 - 38,000
Delhi To Banglore9,000 – 18,00011,000 – 23,00013,000 - 25,00023,000 - 41,000
Delhi To Mumbai10,000 – 18,00012,000 – 24,00015,000 - 28,00024,000 - 42,000
Delhi To Pune10,000 – 18,00012,000 – 24,00015,000 - 28,00024,000 - 38,000

Since we value that each house is exceptional, we take care to discover your evacuation needs and provide a great service that is close to home with you in everything.

Best Packaging Service

We provide a complete professional packaging service in Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida and Ghaziabad. We can pack all customer’s goods efficiently and our professional packing service saves you money and time.

Our packaging services are the cheapest you will find in the moving industry. Our qualified staff will not only pack your entire stay efficiently. But ensure that your luggage is packaged to be carried correctly. Our expert packers, using the right materials and packaging methods. They will carefully pack your luggage to ensure a free flow of damage. Knowledge of the use of good materials and packaging methods are essential components for a move.

household shifting service

Packaging services take your mind too far.

Let the tension go, use our professional packaging experts. They are trained in the proper procedures, use the best materials and packaging in a fraction of the time to ensure a safe transfer to their belongings. In addition, our packaging specialists are also professional packers movers, so they have a trick on their mind, even they care about the safety of your goods.
All our vehicles are fitted with satellite tracking, in-cab telephone and fax for minute-to-minute monitoring and first class security.
Dedicated or “part-load” moves mean that our regular departures ensure prompt, value for money increases. If storage is required then we can arrange it at the end.

Trust the packaging professionals

Our trained and experienced packaging team will provide the safest transportation using the skills and techniques we have developed from our many years of operation, as well as the training we provide to our crew members. Some of our packaging guidelines include:

  • The pictures and mirrors are covered by our professional packaging team. They will with a special packaging cover and then safely packed in the mirror box.
  • By packing Chinese dishes in a package, each dish is separated from the others by a sheet of newspapers. Each package is placed sideways on a layer of folded paper in a porcelain barrel and wrapped tightly. Layers are at multiple levels to fill the box. So that all goods can be transported safely from one place to another.
  • Individual pieces of upholstered furniture are first covered with a protective plastic cover. They then roll in neat quilted blankets for extra protection.

These techniques and many more are implemented by our professional team. While packaging is totally prior to loading into the van and not removed until your luggage is at your new home.
You have all kinds of packaging materials that you need to complete a successful packaging such as: boxes of all sizes, cabinets, bubbles, shrink wrap, scotch tape, reinforced tape, and knives / scissors, etc.
Our trained labor will come to your home and your furniture, books, electronics, clothing, works of art, mirrors, kitchen utensils and any other items you pack.

Quality of packaging and loading – unloading services

We provide quality packaging services listed below to meet your individual needs and budget. You can see below for more information :

  • Complete packaging services + load your long distance rental truck for your household items or office items.
  • Complete Packaging Services + Full Moving Services.
  • Full Packaging Services + Full Moving Services + Unpacking Services

We also provide unpacking services in Pune, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and across India. After a long and difficult day of travel. Maybe the last thing you need is to be surround by boxes and crates. When you want to do so that you can admire your new living space.
You will be eager to start organizing the item in your new home and actually make it yours. Many of our customers who are unpacking can be one of the most frustrating tasks of all. Our team unload your household items from the truck and unpack the boxes. This is a service that you may see as an unnecessary luxury at first. But it means that you can relax in your new home much earlier.
We can pack all your effects or supply boxes for those trying to keep costs down. Whatever you want to do to us Kaushik Road Lines will do it with courtesy and readiness. So that you will remember how things use to be.

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